imageBut Jesus knew what they were thinking…”    Luke 6:8

One Texas summer day, I was driving home in the rain. As I was nearing home, I suddenly noticed my car tires were not touching the road. The car began to turn sideways. I had no control of the vehicle. A river of flood waters hit my car and in slow motion, the car began to roll. Over and over again, I rolled until abruptly stopping upside down in a ditch full of water. I found myself upside-down, seat-belted in, looking out the window of a submerged vehicle. My cell phone was submerged. I tried to break a window without success. God whispered, “you are not alone!” I felt his peace surround me. I knew I’d be ok. A passing car eventually came by and rescued me.

The most significant part of this event is normally, I would drive a yellow ragtop convertible to work. That morning, the Spirit prompted me to take the hard top that my son usually drove. If I had been in the convertible, I do not think I would have survived the rollover. I had no logical reason to take the other car.

Many Christians look at intuition as a path to New Age Spiritualism. They deem it anti-Christ. I would like you to change your mind about intuition and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus healed a man’s hand on the Sabbath, it began the process leading to his crucifixion. Luke chapter 6, versus 6-9 say that the Pharisees were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus but, “ Jesus knew what they were thinking.” There are other accounts in scripture beginning with the phrase,”knowing their thoughts…” Jesus was able to tell the Samaritan women her past and the disciples where to find a donkey. In Matthew 4, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert.

Early in my Christian walk, I learned I could hear from God by reading His word. Later I also learned I could hear Him with my heart. Believing God is father, son and spirit, it is easy to accept that our inner voice or intuition is the Holy Spirit.

I am a person who strongly relies on my intuition or feeling about an issue or person. I have found this intuition to be strong and accurate in times of need. From a Christian perspective, I recognize intuition as the Holy Spirit who dwells within me. It is the Holy Spirit who gives me the strong urge to drive home a certain way, dress a certain way, speak to a certain person, take a risk, be cautious, take a new job, leave early, not go and so on.

We have all experienced things we cannot explain. We have had senses of déjà vu. We have known things that we had no natural way of knowing. We’ve had gut feelings about people and situations that proved true. We have had vivid dreams that warned us or prompted us in a certain direction. We have had intuition, which led to successful outcomes. We’ve coincidently met just the right person or been in the right place at the right time.

Most of us have had an experience where we are filled with excitement or foreboding about a decision. I felt an overwhelming desire to wear a certain outfit to work one day. It was a very casual outfit, a dressed down look. Imagine my disappointment when I was called in for a short notice promotion interview. The hiring official said at the end of the interview, “we are looking for someone who thinks outside the box.” I was offered the promotion. Was it the non-traditional outfit? Who can say for sure?

When I traveled to Africa to meet with sojourner from around the country, I found myself alone in a large hotel lobby suffering from jet lag. It seemed either due to my body clock being off or being woken up in the middle of the night hearing, “ if you really love me feed my sheep, “ I found myself in the lobby in the wee morning hours. There was a man sitting in the lobby, quiet and sullen. I heard from the Spirit, “tell him what I told you.” I said, “ you mean the feed my sheep stuff?” He said, “that’s the one!” I thought, he might think I’m crazy and he probably doesn’t speak English anyway. I did not speak to the man. I went on with my day teaching and planting gardens. That night I was exhausted and fell right to sleep just to find myself awake again in the wee early morning hours counting sheep. The “if you really love me, feed my…” sheep! I went down to the lobby to find the same man sitting there. Again came the prompting, “ Listen, tell him what I said or we can do this again tomorrow.” So I said, “ Excuse me Sir, I don’t know you but I have something a little strange to tell you.” “Ok,” he said. “God wanted me to tell you, ‘ if you really love me feed my sheep.’” He said, “Thank you, I know exactly what that means. You’re the second person who told me that today. (It was 4AM.) You just confirmed something for me.”

Later in our meeting, the man made a commitment for greater ministry in Africa. He identified himself as a relative of Bruce Wilkerson, the organizer of the Dream for Africa movement and author of The Prayer of Jabez.

There are many scriptural references where Jesus and many of his followers “knew” what someone was thinking or was warned by the spirit to travel a certain way. They knew where the upper room was and where to find a donkey. Scripture says they were led by the Spirit.

If you change your mind and believe your intuition comes from the Holy Spirit you are more likely to follow these prompting. Isn’t it every Christians desire to be led by the Spirit? . These prompting are leading you to your life’s path. Change your mind about intuition—intuition is the Holy Spirit!



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