There are three simple things that you can change your mind about that will help you reach your full potential.

I’ve always aimed to reach my full potential by committing to getting a little better each day. Whether it’s fitness, health or reaching goals, life only allows time for baby steps.

Deciding what to get better at and how much time to invest in changing, in a busy world, is the challenge. Here are three simple changes you can make in your life right now that will make you more successful quickly.

1. Change your Mind about the World. Change your mind about what you believe outside forces in the world are doing. What do you think about the world? Do you think that nothing works out for you; the world is against you; if others succeed-there is less success for you? What if you changed your mind and believed the world was out to do you good; that God was orchestrating everything in your favor! Change your mind about what outside forces are doing. Start believing people are aiming to do you good. Start believing that God is out to do you good. Change your mind about the world now.
2. Change your Mind about Striving. Do you believe you must strive and work hard? Hard-work is necessary for success but if you are striving you are going against the grain. If you are going with the flow or current; you are relaxed. If you are operating in your life’s purpose; work will not be hard; it will be like breathing air. If the world is out to do you good, success will come to you without striving.
3. Change your Mind about Goals. If you are successful, you have learned to set goals and to write them down. That is a great first step to success. Now, start saying your goals out loud! Yes, every chance you get, tell someone your goals. Say them out loud to a mirror. Turn them into affirmations. You will find that people want to help you achieve your goals. And speaking goals out loud gives them creative power especially when you turn them into an affirmation that starts with “I am…” Try it! Change your mind about speaking your goals out loud.



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